There are many exciting sights to see in Hypertropolis. Here are just a few of them

Official sights

The Flying Flotilla, a landing platform for airplanes and zeppelins of all sizes. The Air Circus helped set this up for the visiting members of Hypertropolis. Also used by the United States Air Force.

The Tesison Amalgamated Research Center, or TARC, a place where the brightest minds of today can plan for tomorrow.

U.S. Army outpost 452, or more commonly referred to as the Base. A military outpost with city limits. Officially sanctioned vehicles may make use of the Base’s repair bays.

The docks are where boats of all shape and size make port. The Navy retains a few slips for use when they are in the area.

The Roxbury a brand new, upscale club on the fresh side of town. Only finely dressed gents and the most sophisticated of ladies get into this very upscale joint.

Unofficial sights

McFlanerty’s Pub, a small, intimate bar located at one of the train stations that runs out of town.

Klien’s Kollectables, a pawn shop on the other side of the tracks.

Scartelli’s, a greasers heaven. An all purpose, state-of-the-art garage that is capable of keeping secrets.

The Dirty Martini, a swank smoking lounge for the less discriminating clientele.

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