Charles Tempest

Captain of the Cyclone Mark II


Inspiration Knacks – Barnstormer, Eagle Eye, Lightning Reflexes, Cool Head, Marked Man

Dice Pools – Piloting 10 dice (with ability mastery: Piloting)
6 dice in shooting (small arms)
3 dice in Brawl
6 dice in navigation


Captain Charles “Chaz” Tempest is an old military pilot, having flown in the Great War against the Germans. Many other airmen of his unit says that the Red Baron ran scared from Tempest. After the war he went into development of the Cyclone line of zeppelins, hoping to spread the knowledge of the transportation of the future to the far reaches of the globe. The U.S. Government funds Tempest’s endeavors in hopes that he will come back to the military if they ever need him. Their greatest contribution to Tempest is the great Cyclone mk. II

Charles Tempest

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