The Cyclone mk. II is a marvel of modern engineering. The Tesison Electric Company was paid top dollar by the United States Government for Captain Tempest’s use, both for personal and military matters. Captain Tempest, as well as the crew of the Cyclone, are requisitioned by the government on a fairly regular basis. The overall goal of most missions is kept secret, but the Cyclone does see its share of routine jobs; escorting foreign dignitaries, parade displays and the like are fairly routine.

The Cyclone is a large zeppelin housing a fairly large crew quarters on its underside. The Cyclone is 250 meters (or 750 ft) long from nose to tail. The crew section runs most of the length, being about 200 meters long. There are three decks; the crew quarters, meeting rooms, and VIP rooms on the top level, the command and weapons control stations on the middle deck, and the cargo bays and engineering on the bottom decks. The ship is powered by eight modified General Motors engines, each pushing out 200 hp each. The cruising speed of the Cyclone ranges around 40 mph, but can be opened up and pushed to close to 90-100 mph. The Cyclone is outfitted with ten 50 caliber minigun turrets along each side of the crew compartment, every 20 meters, operated from a rotating ball turret which must be manned in order to function. On the underside of the passenger compartment is where the Cyclone’s skyhook is located (used to dock with large buildings) and two large Tesla coils, capable of creating a small magnetic field under the ship to distort enemy airship instruments or turned up to actively arc to smaller planes in the area. This action cannot be targeted, so it is rarely used. Perhaps the greatest marvel in the Cyclone’s technological advancement is its hull. In the past, the German-made zeppelin has either a single compartment for the Blaugas or multiple gasbag cells all made of cowhide to house the helium or hydrogen. American ingenuity, provided by the scientists at the T.E.C., has seen to improve the design dramatically. Blue phosphorus is used to provide lift, allowing the Cyclone to soar to heights of at least 25,000 ft. The engines used in the Cyclone are the lastest in Tes-ergy’s hybrid diesel engines, removing almost all dependency on fuel and making refueling stops very far between.

Aboard the Cyclone are other smaller air-based vehicles. The Monsoon is an eight passenger propeller based plane used for luxury escorts and the Hurricane is Captain Tempest’s personal bi-plane fighter he flew in the Great War. Both of these planes have been updated with Tes-ergy’s latest hybrid diesel engine as well.

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