The large docks that allow sea access to Hypertropolis are magnificent to behold. Using the latest in steam, hybrid diesel, and hyper-electric technology, the workers on the docks are currently using the best in new-age technology. Large, robotic cargo-moving suits make the loading and unloading of cargo faster than ever. The earliest forms of repulsor technology are used for large barge-like platforms to get oversized loads off ships. Even the few ships that call Hypertropolis home have been upgraded. These sea-faring vessels are capable of completely opening the sides of their hulls to quickly load or unload their cargo.

The docks are managed by an old Russian-American immigrant named Pietro “Scuds” Aleksanyants. Scuds was brought to American by Nicola Tesla in order to keep the docks running smoothly. He doesn’t fare well with the technological advancements Tesison has added to his docks, and always prefers to do things the old ways.

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