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Nikola Tesla
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It is very important to read up on Edison and Tesla, using the links above. Most of the information provided there is accurate up to the point where Edison started the propaganda campaign against AC power. In ADVENTURE! terms, he instead used his influence to work with Tesla to found the Tesison Electric Company, which helped them build Hypertropolis, an amazing city filled with people looking to make a better tomorrow. Scientists from all over the world flocked to Hypertropolis seeking the freedom to research anything their minds desired. Along with them, adventurers from all over sought glory and fame with the prospects of the new city.

Hypertropolis is located on the southern coast of New Jersey very near to Sandy Hook. It is here that the future of tomorrow is being written by the Aeon Society in their wonderful headquarters.

As players in Hypertropolis you will be hired as job hands aboard the Cyclone mk. II under the command of Captain Chaz Tempest, a Great War veteran pilot. You will not be workers made to operate ship systems (unless you wish to be an engineer like that); you will be hired to perform missions with Captain Tempest’s assistance. The year is 1933, prohibition is over and the skies the limit!

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